Speech of Chairman of The World Muslim Communities Council, in the International Day of Tolerance

  • 2020-Nov-16

His Excellency Dr. Ali Rashid Al Nuaimi, Chairman of The World Muslim Communities Council

"And We have sent you not but as a mercy for the worlds".. This verse reflects the greatness, tolerance and peace of the Islam for all mankind. On the International Day of Tolerance, which falls on November 16th every year, we
everyone the highest congratulations and blessings, asking Allah  for stability, health, peace and tolerance for all peoples, religions, races and societies.
On the basis of the civilizational message of Islam, we affirm the need to strive to consolidate the values of coexistence and mutual respect among the peoples of the world, to promote tolerance, morals, compassion, dialogue and understanding between religions, cultures and peoples.
We live in a multicultural world, so we have to create mechanisms to spread the culture of forgiveness, good relations and justice for everyone. Our religion commands us to activate the values of social contract, fortify societies intellectually and spiritually, and protect them from racial discrimination or ethnic cleansing.
Inspired by the leading international initiatives to consolidate human values, we reaffirm the objectives of The World Muslim Communities Council to assist these communities in positive integration into their countries, and to achieve harmony between adherence to religion, belonging to the homeland, and the elimination of hatred, extremism and terrorism.
We also call on everyone to adhere to the promotion of tolerance as a practical constitution and a sublime value that brings us together under the banner of respect, acceptance and appreciation of the other in a world rich in cultures, in a way that enhances our need for peace as an absolute necessity to achieve national unity. All this in light of the constant endeavor to enhance the global role of the values of coexistence, equality and social responsibility.


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