The World Muslim Communities Council Statement on the Quran-burning incident in Sweden

  • 2020-Sep-01

The World Muslim Communities Council strongly denounces the Quran-burning incident by extremists during an anti-Islam racist event in Sweden.

The Council praises the Swedish Government action to stop the eruption of events, which proves the strength of religious coexistence in the country that is considered one of the top advanced and civilized countries in the world in scientific, civil, religious and cultural realms; which are reflected in the Swedish people attitude and behavior as an example of civilized people who rejects individual actions.

The council also calls onto the Muslim Community in Sweden to act wisely and calmly in the face of such racist and provocative incidents and stand as an example for the values of peace, dialogue, tolerance and belonging to their home nation, and to face the danger of extremist religious thought by embracing the morals of Islam.


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