Dr. Qamar Al-Hoda: American Muslims are Part of Society and National Elections

  • 2020-Nov-15

Dr. Qamar Al-Huda, from the Atlantic Council, USA, referred to the great and important role of American Muslims and their participation in civic life and elections, saying that Muslims of America enjoy a great outlook and a broad approach regarding elections and civic participation, and that they are part of society and national elections.

 Dr. Qamar Al-Huda explained, during a virtual symposium organized by the World Muslim Communities Council, on Saturday, November 14, 2020, entitled "The Diversity of American Muslim Roles in Elections and Civic Participation",  via the Council's social media pages, that African-American Muslims are the majority in the United States and their encounter with Islam data back to the 17th century, confirming that the number of Muslims in America is about 6.6 million people (2% of the population), with 3 thousand mosques, while the first mosque was built in Iowa in 1909 AD at an important historical site listed in American heritage.

 Dr. Qamar Al-Huda noted that African-American Muslims have defended the state and have historic contributions to education, health and mosques, as they have emerged in America as new communities in the last twenty years and have contributed to development and construction.

 Dr Qamar defined civic participation as an important concept that includes certain values, principles and ethics that society adheres to, while the impact of American Muslims can be measured by gradually investing their local and national experiences. He added, "US President-elect Joe Biden respects the Muslim citizens of America."

 With regard to aspects of civic participation for American Muslims, Dr. Qamar Al-Huda has divided it into several types. There are initiatives in the educational and health aspects such as the “Ummah clinic”, “mobile clinic” and “electronic clinic” as initiatives by Muslim doctors who provide free services; Initiatives in the legal, tax, property rights, and protection from racism and discrimination: Initiatives in intellectual aspects, focusing on issues of literature, culture, plays and essays: Finally initiatives in intellectual and academic aspects by promoting positivity, scientific research, knowledge and others.

 Dr. Qamar Al-Huda emphasized that the aspects of the political participation of American Muslims are that Muslims were distinguished by greater participation and different interest in the elections this year, explaining that Muslims choose the best to achieve justice and equality in their country, USA. 

 It is noteworthy that the World Muslim Communities Council is an international non-governmental organization, headquartered in the UAE capital Abu Dhabi. It is considered a think tank to rationalize organizations and societies working in Muslim societies, renew their thinking and improve their performance in order to achieve one goal;  The integration of Muslim societies in their countries, in a way that their members realize the perfection of citizenship and complete affiliation with the Islamic religion.

 The council seeks, through holding dozens of virtual conferences, seminars and activities, to localize the concepts of religious, ethnic and cultural pluralism, in a manner that preserves human dignity and respect for his beliefs, and establishes the values ​​of moderation, dialogue, tolerance and belonging to the homelands.


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