HE Dr Hamdan Al Mazrui: The people of the UAE look at the world with respect and appreciation

  • 2020-Sep-01
virtual seminar: 'High purposes of peace in Islam'.

HE Dr Hamdan Musallam Al Mazrouei, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Emirates Red Crescent, ERC, affirmed that HH Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, may God have mercy upon his soul, built the United Arab Emirates on the concept of charitable work and charitable institutions and that is why HH was called 'Zayed Al Khair'. And he added that the Zayed sons follow his footsteps and all that His Highness had left in terms of morals is found in this country, in his sons and in every Emirati, adding, 'We haven't lost except Sheikh Zayed's body'.

This came in a virtual seminar organised by the Islamic Sheikhdom in Albania, in cooperation with the World Muslim Communities Council, under the title 'High purposes of peace in Islam' on 27 August on the Zoom app and the council's social media sites.

In which its speakers were sheikh Bujar Spahiu, the current chairman of Islamic Sheikhdom in Albania, Dr. Ferdinand Jana, President of Badr University in Albania, and Dr. Muhammad Al-Bashari, Secretary General of the World Muslim Communities Council. In addition to HE Dr Hamdan Al Mazrouei in the presence of a group of scholar and participants from different countries worldwide.

During his speech, HE Dr Hamdan Musallam Al Mazrouei also explained that good brings good, safety, security and stability as charitable work spreads knowledge and culture as well as the best use of resources to achieve a society that is cooperative and civilized. He confirmed that all charitable organisations must work alongside laws and regulations of their country.

In his speech, Sheikh Bujar Spahiu, chairman of the Islamic Sheikhdom in the Republic of Albania, saluted all charitable institutions that help all the needy in the world, stressing that the Emirates Red Crescent Foundation has been helping everyone without exception for four decades as it roams the east and west of the earth, opening its heart to all people. He described it as the best ambassador for the UAE, which has made tolerance its motto, and helping humanity its goal. He stressed that the UAE’s bestowal has reached every place and included every country, city and village.

He added, "We in the Albanian Islamic Sheikhdom support the religious spirit, enhance human dignity, strive for Muslim rights, enhance loyalty to the homeland and coexistence between religions, and pay attention to education, education and rehabilitation of generations to serve the nation and humanity as a whole."

In turn, Dr. Ferdinand Jana, President of Badr University in the Republic of Albania, saluted all efforts that seek safety and stability and achieve peace for all humankind. He added that peace is a great endeavour, and charitable work achieves it. He also thanked the Chairman of Emirates Red Crescent (ERC), and he hoped that the seminar would have fruitful results in favour of the societal peace.

Dr. Muhammad Al-Bashari, Secretary-General of the World Muslim Communities Council, said that the Emirates Red Crescent Foundation is one of the institutions known for its great accomplishments. And it seeks charitable work for the sake of God Almighty, and it is a model to help people from epidemics and disasters in all regions of the world without discrimination, and therefore it is a pioneering institution in charitable work.

Al-Bashari added: 'The founding father Sheikh Zayed, may God rest his soul, taught us that charitable work is the motto for the people of the UAE and a slogan for the children of Sheikh Zayed . Thanks to the UAE for all the good and enlightening initiatives that work on spreading and consolidating the values of peace, and do not consider them only slogans but rather tools to end conflicts and wars so that peace values may prevail in the whole world'. He also affirmed that the UAE cares about the Palestinian cause and considers it a centerpiece of its work, so it is concerned with helping the Palestinian people by all means.


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