TWMCC Holds 'Islam is a Religion of Tolerance and Mercy' Online Lecture

  • 2024-Jun-25

The World Muslim Communities Council held “Islam is a Religion of Tolerance and Mercy” online lecture, presented by Dr. Widade Naibi, Director of the Ibn Battuta African Institute in Benin, as part of the TWMCC’s lecture series.

Dr. Widade Naibi said “Peace is one of the most beautiful names of Allah, and it is the path through which we walk in order to reach the abode of peace in the hereafter.”

She added, "With technological advancement, there has become a great interest in solving problems while ignoring the spiritual dimension in our lives."

Director of the Ibn Battuta African Institute stressed that “interest in the material dimension makes a person more attached to life and instincts than to the spiritual dimension of life,” indicating that the treatment for all physical or psychological diseases is through the spiritual dimension."

Dr. Widade Naibi added that "the spiritual dimensions of living in peace are reflected in lofty behaviour, actions and morals, in our relationship with each other, in our relationship with people different from us, and with our children, especially since the values ​​and principles of Islam call for a culture of living in peace".

She pointed out that the challenges facing the world now impose on us the importance of living in peace, because the lack of security anywhere destroys the stability of the individual, and eliminates the reality and future of communities.

It is noteworthy that the World Muslim Communities Council is an international non-governmental organisation, and is considered a house of expertise for rationalising organisations and institutions working in Muslim Communities, renewing their thinking, improving their performance, and coordinating among them.


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