TWMCC Holds ‘Harmonising Adat and Islamic Law: Exploring Legal Traditions in Malaysia’ Online Ramadan Lecture

  • 2024-Apr-04

The World Muslim Communities Council held an online Ramadan lecture, titled “Harmonising Adat and Islamic Law: Exploring Legal Traditions in Malaysia”, presented by Prof. Dr. Ainul Jaria Bt Maidin, Professor of Law, International Islamic University Malaysia, within the Council’s Ramadan lectures series.

During the lecture, Maidin emphasised that in Malaysia, Islamic family law safeguards the wife's property and upholds women's rights within the community.

She highlighted the significant advancements women in Malaysia have made in terms of family development and economic empowerment, thanks to the implementation of new family law.

Maidin noted the efforts of Malaysian scholars towards enhancing the societal status of women, evident in their shared ownership of approximately 30% of property alongside men.

Furthermore, she underscored the consideration of women's rights in the drafting of personal status law in Malaysia, acknowledging the importance placed on granting women their rights as outlined in the Holy Qur’an.

Additionally, Maidin stated that Malaysia serves as a model for other Islamic nations in applying Islamic Sharia law within personal status laws, emphasising its compatibility with Sharia, while prioritising the empowerment and distinct status of women.

TWMCC is an international non-governmental organization that functions as a think tank. It supports Muslim community organisations and associations by helping them improve their operations, collaborate effectively, and adopt innovative approaches.


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