TWMCC Showcases Latest Publications at Cairo International Book Fair

  • 2024-Jan-31

The World Muslim Communities Council (TWMCC) is participating in the 55th edition of the Cairo International Book Fair, held from 24 January to 6 February 2024, at the Egypt International Exhibitions Center.

TWMCC’s pavilion at the Cairo International Book Fair displays many publications, most notably 'Islamic Architecture, Arts and Cultures in Southeast Asia,' which deals with the teaching style and public discourse in Southeast Asian countries, and the Islamic education as an important element in the national education system in Malaysia and Indonesia, and architecture and mosques in Southeast Asian countries.

TWMCC also participates with several publications, including 'Doctrine, Sharia, and Traditions of Reconciliation... The Hinduisation of Islam,' which explains the science of doctrine and Sharia in Indian society, and highlights how Islam was Indianised, through interaction with values and laws in a non-Islamic but comprehensive environment, also explains the beginning of the entry of Islam into India and the stages of its spread.

Among the Council’s publications in the exhibition is the 'Matriarchal Islam...Societies Centered on Women in Andalusia and Other Countries' book, which reviews the Arab matriarchal society over time and place, the migrations that took place from the Arabian Peninsula to the countries of North Africa, and the impact of those migrations on customs and traditions, the book also addresses the role of women before the advent of Islam.

TWMCC's participation in the exhibition comes within the framework of the Council's efforts to consolidate common human values and spread the principles of moderation, tolerance, dialogue and coexistence with other religions and cultures.


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