TWMCC Holds a Training Programme in Kigali Under the Title 'Formation the Leaders of Muslim Community in Rwanda'

  • 2023-Jul-23

The World Muslim Communities Council (TWMCC) held a training Programme entitled 'Formation the Leaders of Muslim Community in Rwanda' in Kigali, the Capital of Rwanda


The event witnessed the participation of Head Imam in southern Rwanda, Sheikh Ismael Antokoririato, and several Muslim leaders, in addition to imams and preachers of mosques and headmasters of religious schools


The training included a review and discussion of the latest issues related to religious discourse, dialogue and coexistence with followers of other religions


The Programme also reviewed the latest tools and methods used in formulating and preparing educational curricula, especially religious education


At the beginning of the Programme, Hasan Al-Marzouqi, Assistant Secretary-General of TWMCC, welcomed the participants, stressing the Council's keenness to be present in Rwanda and transfer the expertise it enjoys in the field of qualifying imams and preachers, formulating and reviewing religious discourse and preparing educational curricula through the use of the

best competencies of experts in this field


Al-Marzouqi praised the role of the official and popular Rwandan leaders in supporting and consolidating the climate of coexistence and tolerance in which Rwandan society lives, and how it has become a role model in how to build the state, achieve social peace, and achieve security and stability for all, regardless of their religious, ethnic and other affiliations


Sheikh Ismail Ibrahim, a member of the Supreme Muslim Council of Rwanda, expressed his warm welcome to the presence of TWMCC in Rwanda, and its holding of such training aimed at raising religious, cultural and scientific awareness among the imams and preachers of Rwanda, adding that these programmes contribute to developing the capabilities of religious leaders and qualifying them to better serve the Muslim community and society in general


He praised the role of TWMCC, which is considered the first organisation to come to Rwanda to develop competencies and prepare leaders capable of raising the levels of the Rwandan Muslim community


He added that he had noted the quality of the content and the high level of experts and seminars that were presented, stressing that providing learning opportunities and higher training for imams and preachers enhances the correct understanding of Islam and Islamic values, as well as enhances their ability to communicate these values ​​in a balanced and constructive manner to society, as religious leaders have an important role in guiding Muslims and promoting social peace and peaceful coexistence between religions in Rwanda. Sheikh Ismail praised the efforts of TWMCC in organising these programmes, hoping that this fruitful cooperation will continue in the future


Dr. Al Khader Abdul Baqi Mohammed, Director of the Nigerian Center for Arabic Research, also participated in presenting a lecture within the training programme of the Council in Rwanda. In his lecture, he stressed the importance of national integration and belonging to the homelands to achieve peace, stability and prosperity for



He focused on the need to move away from differences and conflicts that exist in history and not to transfer or repeat them, calling on Muslims in Africa to focus on their reality and issues and research their Islamic heritage and history and not be preoccupied with the heritage and history of others


The session comes as part of TWMCC's work strategy to provide expertise to all Muslim communities around the world, especially in the African continent, where the Council recently completed its programme in the Republic of Ghana, specifically in the capital, Accra, which included holding two training courses for Muslim community leaders and imams and preachers of mosques, which received official and community approval and response


At the end of the training programme, certificates of appreciation were distributed to the participants in the two-day training, during which the Council affirmed its keenness to achieve permanent and continuous communication with the Muslim community in Rwanda and revealed its plan to hold more events and programmes that promote the values ​​of coexistence, tolerance and national belonging and confront extremism and hate speech in a way that contributes to achieving social peace and enhances the contribution of Muslim communities in serving their countries and communities


It is noteworthy that the World Muslim Communities Council is an international non-governmental organisation that was established on May 8, 2018. It is headquartered in Abu Dhabi and has more than 900 Islamic organisations and institutions from 142 countries under it. It is considered a house of expertise to rationalise organisations and associations operating in Muslim societies, renew their thinking and improve their performance. and coordination among themselves 



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