Virtual lecture "Women.. Pillars of Nation"

  • 2021-Mar-03

The World Muslim Communities Council organized, on Wednesday, March 3, 2021, a virtual lecture entitled (Women: Pillars of Nation), in which Mrs. Ashura Motley, Founder and Director of the International Muslim Girls Organization, spoke via the council’s social media pages.

 Mrs. Ashura said that Muslim women are educated, productive, integrated, hard worer and an effective element in their families and society, pointing to the great responsibility and the very important role of Muslim women in the renaissance of the Islamic nation.

 She emphasized that the Islamic religion reconciled the role of women and how the Sharia protect them, as women constitute the pillar of the family and half of the workforce in society with their serious work in building the nation.

 She said that work must be done to achieve equality between men and women in all fields and sectors of life, because Islam values ​​the responsibilities of men and sets fair rules in the distribution of inheritance for both men and women, and that Muslim women enjoy protection in society.

 The founder and director of the International Muslim Girls Organization added: "I am proud to be a Muslim. We as women are responsible for caring for the future generation, loyal to our religion and positive contributions to our countries.".


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