Virtual Conference "Protecting Humanity... Interfaith Solidarity and Joint Action to Combat Coronavirus"

  • 2020-Jul-22

On Wednesday, April 22, 2020, the World Muslim Communities Council organized its virtual conference: "Protecting Humanity... Interfaith Solidarity and Joint Action to Combat Coronavirus", from 16:00 to 20:00 Abu Dhabi time.

The conference aimed to involve the religious circles, international institutions and non-governmental organizations as well as research centers and educational institutions from all around the world to discuss the current global problems facing our human race, and to find solutions for it.

The conference introduced several themes in discussion panels. The first session entitled “Impressive Examples and Inspiring Stories. The second session discussed "Role of Religious Circles in Tackling Local Problems". The third session is entitled "Worships During Pandemic and Infectious Diseases." Several questions arise here, such as, how can religious leaders and scholars deal with this situation while continuing devotional activities? The fourth session, "Adhering to the Spirit of Humanity: Tolerance, Compassion and Solidarity", presented the impact of this crisis in creating an opportunity for humanity to share feelings of pain and solidarity, and how can humanity today stand and reflect on this global crisis? This virus is a threat to all humanity, regardless of their beliefs, sects, ethnicities, or nationalities.


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